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48V 500Ah Lithium ion Battery

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We are the source manufacturer, support OEM/ODM, wholesale service.The following specifications are for reference only:

Model BD48100-5P+1
Nominal Voltage  51.2/48V
Nominal capacity  500Ah
Dimensions (H*L*W)  1370*680*608mm
weight  /
Charging method CC/CP
Charging current MAX150A
Charge cut-off voltage  54.6V
Discharge method  CC/CP
Discharge current MAX200A
Discharge cut-off voltage 42V
Display LCD
Communication interface 485/232/CAN
Working temperature0-55℃, discharging: -20-60℃
Storage temperature 0-45℃ (best environment)
Storage humidity 5%-95%
Shipping statusVoltage: 50-52V SOC: 60%-80%
Number of parallel connections5
Combiner Box 1

Deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged to a lower state of charge and then recharged repeatedly, making them well-suited for use in applications where the battery is being regularly discharged and recharged, such as in solar energy systems or electric vehicles.

The capacity of a battery is measured in amp-hours (Ah). A 48V 500Ah lithium ion battery has a capacity of 500 amp-hours, meaning it can deliver 500 amps for one hour, or 50 amps for 10 hours, or any other combination of current and time that adds up to 500 amp-hours.

48V 500Ah Lithium ion Battery Suitable applications include:

  • Solar Storage

  • Switching applications and more

  • Base transceiver station

  • Communication equipments

  • Central office

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Electronic cash registers

  • Microprocessor based office machine

  • UPS

48V 500Ah Lithium ion Battery FEATURES & BENEFITS

High cycle life

4000 cycles @80% DoD for effectively lower total of ownership cost

Longer service life

Low maintenance batteries with stable chemistry.

Built in circuit protection

Battery Management System (BMS) is incorporated against abuse.

Better storage

up to 6 months thanks to its extremely low self discharge (LSD) rate and no risk of sulphation.

Quickly recharge

Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency.

Extreme heat tolerance

Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is unusually high: up to +60°C.


Lithium batteries provide more Wh/Kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.

48V 500Ah Lithium ion Battery CAUTIONS

  • Do NOT short circuit, reverse polarity, crush or disassemble.

  • Do NOT heat or incinerate.

  • Do NOT immerse in any liquid.

  • Store at 30~50% SOC. Recharging every 3 months is recommended. The storage area should be clean, cool, dry and ventilated.







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